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Seven Cities Tour Group

The Seven Cities Tour Group runs twice a year and gives expats a chance to see and learn more about the city they are living in.  The full group consists of 40 to 50 people divided into 10 different sub groups.  Each sub group will then research one aspect of Delhi's history and put together a tour which is then given to the full group.  The name Seven Cities comes from the historical development of Delhi from a number of different cities spread around the area of the modern city.

The old cities include,

Lal Kot and Qila Rai Pithora  1060

Siri Fort  1304

Tughlaqkbad  1320s

Jahanpanah  1350s

Firozabad 1354

Dinpanah and Purana Qila 1534

Shajahanabad (Old Delhi) Mid 17th C

British New Delhi 1920s


Each group also provides a tour booklet giving more information about the places they include on their tour.  The group I was in did the first tour of the session and an extended version of the tour booklet can be downloaded from the next page.

September 13th 2006   Lal Kot and Siri

September 20th 2006  Tughlakabad

September 27th 2006  Nizamuddin

October 4th 2006 Jahanpanah

October 11th 2006  Firozabad and Hauz Khas

October 18th 2006 Sayyid and Lodi Periods in Delhi


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